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Raw materials handling and processing  


Aseptic liquid/solid filling

Diagnostics enables active health management.

The analysis of tissue, blood or other patient samples by immunomagnetic separation or other methods provides important information about a disease.


Nowadays, diagnostics is not just the stepping stone to therapy; the aim is to prevent disease progression or even the outbreak of a disease.

In the fight against disease, diagnostics are an integral part of medical decision-making, from prevention to monitoring.


Dec designs customer-specific aseptic fill/finish solutions including the isolator system to house the process, if required. 


Our patented microdosing technology for powder allows for highly precise filling with a tolerance of 1% RSD for quantities as little as from 1 mg  whereas the new BoMa technology has been designed to provide an effective solution for liquids to work around speed, accuracy and flexibility problems encountered with current pumps.


Whether it is for the production of test kits, ready-to-use systems or any other packaging design, Dec supplies custom-designed and multi-format packaging solutions to current GMP standards.

Powder Handling Diagnostics

Dec also provides efficient handling and dosing systems for the raw materials and preparation of solids.


For a recent project Dec has engineered two separate filling lines for the raw particles to avoid cross-contamination. 

Dispensing occures in our Isocharge system. (OEL < 100 mg/m3).

This raw material production process includes dispensing, blending, sampling and packing. 

On the left: Isocharge system with integrated

PTS Powder Transfer System®

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Aseptic and contained filling of various primary packaging

Filling Line

Semi-automatic to fully automated filling lines

Drug Testing

Modular filling lines for R & D and clinical trials