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Nuclear Containment

For government and radiopharmaceutical markets

Unrivalled nuclear containment gloveboxes to NQA-1 Quality Standards in accordance with the ASME 2008:2009 Addenda.

  • Capable of meeting (10-6 cc/sec) at 4 inch water column leak rate

  • (AGS-G006-2017), Second Edition

As part of the Dec Group today, Walker Barrier's engineering heritage extends back 77 years through its history in nuclear containment as Walker, Walker Barrier and Extract Technology within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. 


From 1982 Walker Barrier manufactured stainless steel gloveboxes for the nuclear industry serving several Department of Energy (DOE) sites. Later expanding the product portfolio into stainless steel isolators for the pharmaceutical, biotech and radiopharmaceutical industries.


Manufacturer of The World's Largest Radiopharmaceutical Hotcell containment isolator

Manufacture of the largest radiopharmaceutical hotcell containment isolator in the world. The hotcell measures over 70ft in length and is used for the production of Molybdendum-99.

Molybdendum-99 is only produced at five sites worldwide. It is used for a variety of applications including radiopharmaceutical imaging and diagnostics.

Nuclear Quality Assurance 




NQA-1 Quality Program and Audits


We provide nuclear manufacturing possibilities to NQA-1 quality standards following procedural guidelines in accordance with the ASME 2008-2009 Addenda.


Our NQA-1 Quality System is guided by 50+ supporting procedures. Our facility is a UL508A panel shop. All documentation is managed by our internal Document Controller at the Mauston, WI manufacturing site.

Prior audit information as well as National Laboratory Audits for nuclear containment and radiopharmaceuticals can be requested.

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