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UMS DecMill®

Universal Milling Solution



UMS DecMill® provides the ultimate in flexibility, taking up a minimum area for maximum product recovery. The mill is very versatile and can be adapted according to various customer requirements. From a turbine to a pin disk, the mill can be easily configurated to achieve the desired particle size.

Its easily accessible interchangeable grinding media mills at an adjustable speed up to 500 kg per hour.


The degree of product fineness depends upon a number of factors such as the physical nature of the product, the feed rate to the mill, the product to air ratio, the type and configuration of the grinding media as well as the rotational speed of the same.

Product size reduction typically ranges from 500 to 30 microns and below, depending on the application.

UMS DecMill® is available in a contained through the wall version and in a variety of materials appropriate to the product to be milled.

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