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High performance chemicals

 High Performance Chemicals

The complexity of manufacturing high performance chemicals such as adhesives and many others is constantly increasing due to higher quality and purity requirements of the final product.


Various processes require to handle a large amount of powder of various consistencies (powder, flakes, pellets, etc.) and to charge them into vessels often containing flammable solvents.


Some processes may require the exclusion of air and must take place under vacuum or the powder must be charged under a given temperature at a given speed in order to guarantee the required chemical reaction. 

Powder handling

Dec can provide a large range of solutions to allow safe and reliable charging of difficult materials such as resin flakes, rubber or other specialty chemicals required for the process.

Powder transfer

Dense phase powder conveying

Higher safety & enhanced efficiency

Trasbatch System

Efficient conveying of granules, flakes and large size particules

Powder handling

Transferring - Sampling - Bulk Materials Handling - Dosing/Dispensing -  Containment Systems - Integrated Applications

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