From the single item to the pallet ready to ship

Dec Group specialists offer full support for the integration of the serialization process into the pharma industry supply chain.


Our expertise and advice help you integrate this process into your operational system according to your specified standards, as well as global and local regulations.


Dec proposes a comprehensive solution integrating specialized software, appropriate robotics as well as vision and printing components. 

Our serialization equipment solutions are designed to simplify the pharmaceutical packaging process, while meeting all your specified requirements and focusing on overall plant compatibility. 

General information on serialization

Item serialization

Case serialization

ISU2 wix.png

Item Serialization Unit 2

Print and Verify on one side of the item


ISU 3 wix.png

Item Serialization Unit 3

Print and Verify on two sides of the item including TE labeling

ISU4 to edit_1.jpg

Item Serialization Unit 4

Print and Verify on two sides of the item including TE labeling and Top labeling

CSU 2 wix.png

Case Serialization Unit 2

Manual Pack by Layer


Case Serialization Unit 4

Semi Automated Pack by Layer


Case Serialization Unit 5

Semi Automated Pack by Case





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Automated systems and robotics for secondary packaging