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R&D and Small Scale Plants



The systems can be provided in sterile, toxic or sterile toxic arrangements with the great advantage of being 100 % scalable.


  • Single pass technology

  • Narrower Particle Size Distribution (PSD)

  • Designed to reduce issues with sticky products

  • Optimized product recovery rates

  • Integrated nozzles prevent errors during installation and/or leaks during process

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to assemble, no tools required

  • Easy integration into glove boxes and isolators

R&D - MC DecJet® 30 (0.2 g - 50 g/h)

MC DecJet® 30 is the perfect tool for R&D teams seeking the ability to micronize very small quantities of material (0.2grams). Small dimenstions 529 x 180 x 260 mm, easy to move anywhere.

Product Sheet

R&D - MC DecJet® 50 (35 g - 200 g/h)

MC DecJet® 50 is ideal for clinical trials and scale-ups, specially when extremely small batches of high value products requiring very low product loss need micronizing.

Product Sheet

Pilot Scale - MC DecJet® 100 (50 g - 5 kg/h)

The versatile and compact MC DecJet® 100 is designed to satisfy the needs of laboratories and small scale manufacturing.

Product Sheet

Pilot Scale - MC DecJet® 150 (500 g - 30 kg/h)

The MC DecJet® 150 is the smallest production jet mill in the pilot scale range.

Product Sheet

Micronization - Full Scale Production Plants

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