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Process Isolators

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Toxic - Sterile - Sterile/Toxic Process

In pharmaceutical manufacturing containment performance is critical to minimize operator exposure and process cross contamination.
Dec has developed an extensive range of isolator technologies which allow the flexible and safe handling of powders and a simple integration into multiple production processes.


Dec develops, designs and supplies turnkey process integrated containment technology solutions for both potent and aseptic materials. These include custom-made systems that meet the growing challenges with complete flexibility whilst complying with all current health, safety and regulatory standards.


Operator and product protection are the primary requirement with all Dec containment systems, operating at a nanogram containment level and being validated and performance tested according to SMEPAC guidelines.

Micronizing MC DecJet® Isolato

MC DecJet® micronizing and milling isolators 

Isocharge Drum_Bag discharge

Material charging isolators

Dispensing Isolator

Dispensing, weighing and sampling isolators

Filter Dryer discharge Isolato

Discharging and pack-off isolators

Flexible canopy isolator

Flexible canopy isolators and systems

Aseptic Manufacturing Isolator

Aseptic process isolators - Cell therapy isolators - Sterility test isolators - SteriPharm® Standard isolators 


Standard solutions , cost-effective product range - 2/3/4 glove design


Aseptic/Contained Fill-Finish Process - Semi-/ Fully Automated Lines - Laboratory/Small Scale 

Hotcell containment glovebox at laurence livermore national laboratory,  CA.jpg

Nuclear containment gloveboxes, hotcells and radiopharmaceutical isolators and production facilities

NQA-1 Quality programs & Audits

Glove Testers

Glove Testers


Dec provides fully automated glove testers which are instantly ready to verify the integrity of your gloves.


These simple to use mobile devices are compatible with all glove types (CSM, EPDM, etc.).

The cGMP compliant hygienic design of the version which includes air supply allows for easy cleaning and sterilization procedures.

Product sheet (multi-port system, excluding air supply)

Product sheet (including air supply)

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