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Aseptic pharmaceutical filling lines

Innovation Excellence

Dec’s ability to provide end-to-end solutions from API manufacturing to primary packaging filling covers the complete range from R&D processes and small batches to large filling campaigns.

Our filling solutions include state of the art robotics for the filling and handling of complex delivery systems like pre-filled syringes (PFS).


As a single source provider for applications "from the reactor into the syringe", Dec offers a holistic approach to engineer comprehensive solutions for various fields such as small molecules, biologics, cell/gene therapies and other ingredients in the rapidly growing field of  advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP).  

Aseptic pharmaceutical filling line

Highly integrated, fully contained process suite

Aseptic filling line for dual chamber syringes

Blending / Homogenizing

PTS Batchmixer®

Aseptic Conveying

PTS Powder Transfer System®

Spray dryer outlet

Fill-Finish Operation

DecFill® modular filling line for dual-chamber syringes

Aseptic pharmaceutical filling lines

Filling lines from lab & small scale to full production lines

 Lyophilization Loading Equipment

Raw material handling solutions

Raw material handling solutions - Aseptic filling lines for powder and liquids



Powder - Liquids - Miscellaneous - Continuous Process

Serialization, aggregation

Box Packing - Palletizing - Serialization


RTU, RTF solutions

Pre-filled Syringes (PFS) - Cartridges - Soft Packaging


Aseptic Manufacturing

Sterile processing solutions


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