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From simple powder to sublime beauty

Formulating and manufacturing high quality cosmetic products such as compacts and lipsticks require strong expertise in powder processing in order to achieve the optimal effects desired by the end consumer.


Many cosmetics depend upon a high quality blend of pigments, preservatives and binders that need to be formulated and compacted. Ingredients in powder form, whether of natural or synthetic nature, need to be reduced into the microscale size range in order to achieve their best effects.


Powders must also be dosed accurately into specific packagings of various shapes and forms without segregation nor modification of the blend properties.


With innovative products and solutions specially suited for the cosmetic industry, Dec has developed highly enhanced technologies to handle powder at various process stages from the raw materials handling to micronizing , blending and transferring as well as microdosing, all of which under cGMP conditions taking into account the demanding current cleaning requirements.  

Powder Handling

Transferring - Sampling - Bulk Materials Handling - Dosing/Dispensing - Containment Systems - Integrated Applications

PTS Powder Transfer System, automatic powder transfer

Dense phase powder conveying

Higher safety & enhanced efficiency

Automatic powder mix, PTS batchmixer

R&D Applications - Production Scale - Sterile Process

Particle size reduction

MC DecJet® spiral jet mills for ultra fine powder micronization


Dosing powder in the mg range

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