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Dec Group Service, Dec Group Technical Support


Technical Support

We believe that a holistic view of the life cycle of your Dec equipment is important in order to maximize your return on investment. You need maximum efficiency at minimum operating costs.

Our support team is dedicated to help you enhancing every aspect of your facility and support you with any technical problem you may encounter. 

​Take advantage of our deep-rooted experience. Our engineers will support you to stay on top of your production process.

In Need of Technical Clarification?

Dec Group Technical Support, Dec Group Service

Dec's support team will provide professional support to any problem you may encounter with our systems or should you want to make better use of existing resources. 

  • Repairs

  • Complete or partial retrofits

  • Performance optimization

  • Complying with new regulations

  • Changed use of a system

  • Any problem with your process

Maintenance & Onsite Services

Dec Group Onsite Service, Dec Group Maintenance


Dec Group Training

Spare Parts

Dec Group Spare Parts, Dec Group Maintenance, Dec Group Service

Need Accessories or Spares?


Timely spares provision is critical to high quality maintenance, which is why our dedicated team handles inquiries quickly and efficiently by offering useful advise and suitable support. 

In order to increase your production capacity, having key spare parts always at hand is crucial. Take advantage of our defined packages with optimized quantities of the consumables you need most. 

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