Dec Group Product Divisions

Dec products offer a high level of safety for both operator and product. Our advanced system concepts, from the standard powder transfer system to highly complex integrated handling and processing equipment, allow you to increase your productivity and to respect current legal requirements. Dec products are divided into the following groups.


Powder Handling Technologies

Particle Size


Filling Solution


Containment Solution Technologies

  • Transfer

  • Bulk Handling

  • Dosing

  • Mixing

  • Sampling

  • Contained and/or sterile/aseptic handling

  • Micronization

  • Mechanical Milling

  • Contained and/or sterile/aseptic milling

  • Primary packaging filling for powder, liquids and gels  including Dual Chamber Systems

  • Secondary packaging

  • Serialization

  • Contained and/or sterile/aseptic filling

  • Barrier systems and isolator technology for process containment

  • Contained and/or sterile/aseptic isolators

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