Battery Manufacturing Solutions


Through the global growing demand of green energy, the use of battery powders needed in the manufacturing of batteries has considerably increased over the last few years.


In order to avoid operator exposure and product contamination and in doing so guaranteeing high quality products, the production and the handling of anode and cathode materials such as lithium based powders must be realized under strict conditions.

With highly toxic materials such as cobalt that might be used during the manufacturing process, a strict operator and environment protection strategy must be implemented.


Dec's technologies are suitable to handle such products under strict and safe conditions eliminating the need of manual handling and gravity based facilities. Our technologies can be used from the R&D facility to handle a few grams of powder to full-size manufacturing plants for handling large quantities of materials.


From handling the raw materials, milling/micronizing to blending and dispensing the final products, Dec can offer you an extensive range of safe and contained solutions.  

Powder Handling

Transferring - Sampling - Bulk Materials Handling - Containment Systems - Integrated Applications

PTS Powder Transfer System®, Powder transfer

Dense phase conveying

Higher safety & enhanced performance

MC_DecJet®, Particle size reduction, micronization, milling

Micronization - Milling - Sieving

PTS Batchmixer®, powder automatic mixing

R&D applications - Production scale - Sterile process

Aseptic Process Isolator, high containment system

High containment process isolators