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Continuous Dosing

from small to medium quantities

Continuous charging of powder into a process is a common requirement for many applications. From powder spray coating in the automotive industry, continuous charging of diamond dust into acid baths for wire production in

semiconductor manufacturing, to constant charging of an API into a continuous reaction system,  Dec have developed a  large range of solutions to meet such complex requirements.


Dosing can be effected either by repeating at a high frequency calibrated dose by using μPTS or the flexPTS or, by having a continuous powder flow when using PFL Powderflex.

Most of these systems are suitable to inject powder directly inline even when the process is done under vacuum or pressure.

• Dosing range: from mg to a few 100 g up to 200 kg/h 

• Accuracy:  2 - 5 % RSD

• Speed: 5 - 20 s (µPTS, flexPTS, sPTS)

• Transfer Distance: > 20 m (Powderflex)

• No rotating or moving parts

• Charging process under vacuum and pressure

• Dynamically adjustable volumes

• Hygienic design

• Rapid and precise dosing process

• Volumetric and volumetric-gravimetric dosing

Metal parts: Stainless steel ISO 1.4435 or equivalent (AISI 316L), 

Polymer components: 2002/72/EC and/or FDA compliant​


µPTS - FlexPTS - sPTS

PFL Powderflex

Continuous conveying and dosing up to 200 kg/h

DCS Filler + PTS (detail) revA.png

Dosing powder/liquids/gels


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