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Rapid and precise dosing of small quantities

FlexPTS is based on PTS technology and allows precise and fast dosing of small amounts of powder at a very high speed. The system includes a filtration membrane in the upper part and the product is filled in a calibrated chamber of a constant

or variable volume by action of vacuum and emptied by using pressure.


Specially designed valves at the inlet and outlet allow a very fast operation at under half a second dose.


Usually, the volume of the chamber is constant but can be varied if required, mechanically or automatically, using a linear motor which is linked to a weighing device suitable for closed loop control. 

The system is convenient to charge a pressurized process or such containing high humidity, temperature or a corrosive atmosphere.

DecFill® MB (Micro Batch)


flePTS technology 

• Dosing range : 200 mg - 100 g

• Speed: 0.5 - 2 s

• Accuracy: 3 % RSD

• Dose adjustment: Factor up to 5, on a single dosing device unit

Mini robotic platform.png

• Feed into processes up to 3 bars pressure

• Specifically designed pinch valves

• Custom designed hopper

• Manually or Dynamically adjustable volumes

• Hygienic design

• Volumetric and volumetric-gravimetric dosing

• Gravimetric or inline monitoring of each quantity of powder

Metal parts: Stainless steel ISO 1.4435 or equivalent (AISI 316L), 

Polymer components: 2002/72/EC and/or FDA compliant​


Dosing Technology for Powder and Liquids


Automated filling of various packaging

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Continuous powder introduction into processes


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