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Work Benches

To complement the range of Downflow Booths, we also have considerable experience in a wide range of airflow devices including Powder Handling Benches, drum/solvent booths and Laminar Flow Booths.

Quadraflow Bench


  • Air cleanliness classification: ISO Class 5 at rest

  • Effective product control from spraying/mixing and other small volume operations

  • Dust in Air Level - Operator Exposure Level (OEL) 10 *g/m+

  • TWA over operation period

  • Proven operator protection

  • Compact overall size suitable for laboratory applications

  • Vibration isolated wheel out work bench

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Providing a clean environment for the safe handling of powders in dispensing, weighing, sampling or subdivision operations


Functional clean room space wherever and whenever you need it.

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Dispensing and Sampling Facilities

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