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Mobile Clean Rooms

Mobile and operationally ready

Our self-contained, ready-to-use design provides functional clean room space wherever and whenever you need it.


Whether you want to expand manufacturing, R&D or processing capacity at an existing facility, a remote location, or around the globe,  MCRs can be transported and fully operational more rapidly than other clean room options. 


Our pre-engineered MCRs provide fast, flexible clean room manufacturing space without the considerable time and costs associated with more traditional clean room options.

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Design Advantages

  • Standard and extended widths available

  • Pre-engineered, self-contained, single piece construction ready to use

  • Rapid construction period

  • 440 square ft. /40m2 of clean room manufacturing space (standard width)

  • 880 square ft. /80m2 of clean room manufacturing space (extended width)

  • Clean room doors with windows, door closers, interlocks, adjustable sweeps

  • Entry and Exit personnel airlocks

  • Mechanical equipment airlock with 6 ft. wide doors

  • Cascading pressure operation between rooms

  • VHP-ready

  • Dry Chemical fire suppression system

  • Side wall mounting interconnecting hallways available

  • cGMP compliant designs


  • Semiconductor: ISO 5 or ISO 6 air quality

  • Pharmaceutical: ISO 7 or ISO 8 air quality

  • Biological Safety Products: BSL1, BSL2, BSL2+ or BSL3


Effective product control for small scale use - Powder handling benches - Quadraflow bench

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Providing a clean environment for the safe handling of powders in dispensing, weighing, sampling or subdivision operations

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Dispensing and Sampling Facilities

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