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Downflow Booths

Guaranteed working environment

When you need to provide a clean, contained environment for the safe handling of powders in dispensing, weighing, sampling, or subdivision operations, our PharmAir booths are a highly effective option.


We offer complete containment solutions based around an innovative range of Downflow Containment Booths that can bring different features and benefits to your application. But all have one thing in common:


They provide a Guaranteed Working Environment.

Offerings include installation, commissioning, IQ/OQ validation, containment testing and aftersales by our fully trained engineers

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OEL down to 1 μg/m3 depending on the process

Safe working depths to 2.2 m

Low noise levels < 75 dBA


Design Advantages

  • Available in epoxy coated zintec steel, 304/316L stainless steel or a combination of both

  • Various heights and widths (up to 6m) are available

  • Custom filtration designs with a minimum of fine dust and then HEPA filters in either the technical stack or the ceiling plenum

  • Single pass/once through airflow systems used in applications where solvent vapours are present

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel or epoxy – coated mild steel construction

  • High efficiency EC fan system

  • Safe change filters

  • Overhead lighting within supply plenum

  • Mobile workbenches

  • Hazardous area electrics option

  • Flush mounted computer integration

  • Front/side access doors

  • PLC controlled audible and visual alarm packages

  • Pallet stop rails

  • Cooling coils and controls

  • Increased internal height

  • Photo sensitive lighting

  • High level exhaust grilles

  • Incorporation of lifting and tipping equipment

  • Materials and personnel airlocks systems

  • Roller conveyors, rapid roller doors and turntables

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Key Benefits

With environmental concerns and rising energy costs playing a key factor in the evaluation of any production process it became a must to adapt our equipment designs to meet this ever increasing demand. We have prided ourselves on being at the forefront of Booth design for the last 30 years and as such have continued to invest in R&D to ensure the ever changing demands of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries are met.


In order to achieve this impressive saving we looked at every aspect of the design from component selection to airflow design. Not only did this result in a more energy efficient system but it also presented an opportunity to look at cost reduction as a whole for the booth. This culminated in a design which was far more cost effective both in the short and long term with key benefits such as:

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  • 70% energy savings

  • Lower capital cost

  • Shorter lead times due to batch component production and modular design

  • Flush light fittings with terminal HEPA filters

  • Quicker installation and commissioning times

  • Improved lighting levels with easy light access

  • Modular construction and multiple configurations together with an extensive list of options

  • Lower noise levels due to improved fan and ceiling plenum design


Effective product control for small scale use - Powder handling benches - Quadraflow bench


Functional clean room space wherever and whenever you need it.

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Dispensing and Sampling Facilities

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