Aseptic pharmaceutical filling line

Filling Lines

Aseptic liquids and solids filling for various delivery systems

Dec offers a range of primary packaging solutions for aseptic filling of vials, syringes, bottles and cartridges as well as Dual Chamber Syringes (DCS) and systems.


We design highly accurate, (semi-) automated filling methods for low or high production volumes.


Our solutions prevent costly overfilling or spilling your products and they are tailor-made to accommodate specific customer needs.

Dec further provides adequate equipment for sterile and highly contained operations.

Aseptic Filling Line

Aseptic and contained filling of various primary packaging

Pharmaceutical lyophilization loading equipment

Pharmaceutical lyophilization loading equipment solutions


Aseptic semi or fully automated filling line

Semi-automatic to fully automated filling lines

Raw material handling solutions

Raw material handling solutions - Aseptic filling lines for powder and liquids


Drug Testing

Modular filling lines for Laboratories  and small scale productions



Product Sheet DecFill® Aseptic Fill-Finish Solutions