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Innovation Excellence

Laboratory Scale

  • Tabletop unit ideal for workbench or Dec engineered glove box

  • Mobile, modular & compact

  • Flexible handling of a variety of containers - syringes, cartridges, vials, etc. 

  • Manual container placement, automated check-weighing and stoppering

  • Recipe control via HMI, data collection by USB download

  • Highly accurate patented filling technologies for solids and liquids


DecFill® LAB 
with flexPTS for powder

DecFill® LAB 
with BoMa for liquids

Product Sheet

Syringe safety device assembly tool

Syringe Safety Device Assembly Tools


The manual Syringe Safety Device Assembly Tool is intended for use in the pharmaceutical industry. Unique concept design allows for optimized pre-filled syringe production processes for small batches, e.g. for use in  clinical trials.

Both tools Syringe Finger Flange and Syringe Needle Guard have an ergonomic design and a small footprint, easy and efficient to use.  

DecFill MB Solid_Liquid Filling.JPG

Contained and/or Aseptic Filling 

MB - Micro Batch 


Contained and/or Aseptic Filling

SB - Small Batch 



Contained and/or Aseptic Filling

PS - Production Scale 



Containment Systems for Filling Lines

Pharmaceutical lyophilization loading

Pharmaceutical lyophilization loading equipment solutions


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