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Aseptic pharmaceutical filling lines

Innovation Excellence

Gels, pastes and various suspensions

BoMa systems allow transferring and dosing products with a complex rheology, in particular products of high viscosity. The absence of rotating seals is ideal for its use for aggressive or flammable products.

Many complex challenges can be mastered with the BoMa technology, for instance dosing 0.2 ml of an aqueous solution with an accuracy of 1% at a frequency of 10 seconds.

This new technology can be used in many ways just like a piston pump. The main advantage lies in the absence of seals, i.e. in the maintenance-free operation as well as in the ease of cleaning before product changes.

It can also be applied for highly viscous products and severe precision requirements (0.01 g).

Powder transfer system

µPTS - flexPTS - sPTS

BoMa liquid filling, sterile liquid filling

BoMa System - Sterile Liquids


Continuous powder dosing

Continuous powder introduction

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