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Bag / Drum Filling

Safely packing powders into drums and bags

Dec excels in providing comprehensive technical solutions for packing powders into bags and drums from process equipment discharge such as a dryer or a mixer,  milling and dispensing to the final packing of the product.

A large range of solutions have been developed for filling various types of packaging such as bags and drums with liners, all adapted to the powder characteristics, the containment level, the layout and the required accuracy.

Filling can be done either by using gravity when sufficient height is available, in a remote place when head room below the equipment is lacking or, when several process equipment are to be emptied through one single filling station.

In this case the powder will be transferred by using PTS Powder Transfer System®  and accurately dosed by combining it with the DosiValve® system.

DCS Filling Station

Comprehensive solutions to safely fill powder into drums and bags

High containment pack-off

Packing powder into drums under high containment


CLS Continuous Liner System

Primary containment

OEB 3-4

CLS with welding machine

CIP Hood - Welding machine - Vent filter - Sampling - Safety Cabinet - Bellows

DCS® Drum Filling

Primary & secondary high containment drum filling solution

OEB 4-5

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