CLS Continuous Liner System

Containment and simplicity

Storing chemical and API products in bags or liners is standard practice.


Focussing on pharmaceutical products, liners must have specific properties to prevent product contamination.


In order to achieve GMP compliant and contained filling of bags or liners, individual bags should not be used as both the product and the operator can be exposed during the removal and exchange of the bags.


To prevent the use of a complex protective enclosure, CLS  Continuous Liner System is an elegant and cost-effective solution.


CLS consists of specially folded bags of a length of up to 80 m depending on the liner diameter and ...

Complete filling solution into liners/drums from process equipment

Liner specifications - Standard and SafeSeal clip systems - Vent filter - Sampling - Safety cabinet - Welding machine - Bellows

Product Sheet

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Containment Systems
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