Filling Lines


Dec's solutions can incorporate various filling methods:

  • BoMa technology

  • Net weight filling

  • Peristaltic pump 

  • Rotary piston pump 


Choosing the most suitable pump for a liquid product dosing installation is quite a difficult task. It is about finding the solution to many factors that need to be taken into account to ensure proper operation and minimum maintenance service.

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The new patent pending BoMa technology has been designed to provide an effective solution to work around speed, accuracy and flexibility problems encountered with current pumps.


BoMa technology operates with pressure and vacuum. The dosage of all components of a recipe can be done in a few seconds, therefore providing high production capacities.


In the event of a product change, the installation is cleaned up very quickly due to the absence of pumps.

BoMa systems can be used in many alternative pumping situations, just like a piston pump. The main advantage lies in the absence of seals, i.e. in the maintenance-free operation as well as in the ease of cleaning when the product is changed.

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Gels - Pastes - Suspensions


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Continuous powder introduction

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