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Big Bag Discharge

Modular design, easy handling 


Operator and product safety

Dec's big bag discharging stations can be designed in a modular way.


This allows to be ideally equipped with systems perfectly adapted to the various process conditions such as factory layout and powder characteristics. 


Corresponding docking systems for non-potent to highly active powders respond to the required containment requirements.


Depending on the product flow, there is a range of accessories available to achieve optimal discharge also for sticky and bridging products.

Big Bag Discharge System

Big bag bottom discharge systems

LB Fluidization Hopper.jpg

Standard suction hoper -

LB Hopper - Fluidization Hopper -

LB Fluidization Hopper

Big Bag Top Discharge Station.png

Partial big bag dosing

Big Bag Accessories

Massage units - Weighing system - Hoist - Module and support frames - Lifting yoke - Re-closing device - Breathing filter etc.

Big Bag containment connection.jpg

Single and double tube systems - SafeDock System - UniDock System - DCS® Docking

Bulk Materials Handling, more products

Big Bag Filling

Product Sheet

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