Big Bag Handling

Bottom Discharge Stations

The big bag emptying stations of Dec are based on a modular design.


This allows to be ideally equipped with systems for each product’s characteristics with corresponding docking systems for non-potent to highly active powders.


Depending on the product flow, there is a range of discharge devices or lump breakers available. With the use of load cells, it is possible to dose accurately into the receptacle.

A simple connection head with double tube and a two hand lever mechanism ensures that the big bag outlet spout has a dust tight connection.


For primary containment requirements, a SafeDock System can be used for a contained connection and t...

Partial big bag dosing

Single and double tube systems - SafeDock System - UniDock System - DCS® Docking

Massage units - Weighing system - Hoist - Module and support frames - Lifting frame - Re-closing device - Breathing filter etc.

Product Sheet

Big Bag Filling

Bulk Materials Handling, more products

Blending / Mixing
Dosing / Dispensing
Containment Systems
Integrated Applications
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