Big Bag Handling

Bottom Discharge Stations

The big bag emptying stations of Dec are based on a modular design.


This allows to be ideally equipped with systems for each product’s characteristics with corresponding docking systems for non-potent to highly active powders.


Depending on the product flow, there is a range of discharge devices or lump breakers available. With the use of load cells, it is possible to dose accurately into the receptacle.

A simple connection head with double tube and a two hand lever mechanism ensures that the big bag outlet spout has a dust tight connection.


For primary containment requirements, a SafeDock System can be used for a contained connection and t...

For primary containment requirements, a SafeDock System can be used for a contained connection and the emptying of standard big bags using a single liner including the side sleeve bag-in bag-out concept.
For higher containment, the DCS® Docking can be used providing both primary and secondary containment.
If process and safety requirements are more restrictive, the use of the PTS Powder Transfer System® is recommended rather than emptying by gravity as it ensures complete big bag emptying and full dust evacuation prior to disconnection.
In this instance,  it is possible to use a single station to charge multiple equipment.
From single stations with safety frames to fully integrated stations
Covering chemical and pharmaceutical design
Various docking heads depending on powder toxicity up to OEB 5
Various construction materials
Weighing system
Pneumatically operated massaging units (bottom or side)
Suction hopper with integrated delumper / fluidization
Electric or pneumatic chain hoist
Bag reclosing device
Combined bag emptying and big bag emptying

Big Bag Top discharge System

Partial big bag dosing

Big Bag containment connection.jpg

Single and double tube systems - SafeDock System - UniDock System - DCS® Docking

Big Bag Accessories

Massage units - Weighing system - Hoist - Module and support frames - Lifting frame - Re-closing device - Breathing filter etc.

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Big Bag Filling

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