PTS Batchmixer®

Sterile process



PTS Batchmixer® is usually integrated in a process line in a closed way by flexible lines and doesn’t require any disconnection during the operation. The system will be cleaned and sterilized in line with the upstream and downstream equipment.


PTS Batchmixer® is designed according to the latest cGMP requirements without internal parts or inaccessible areas allowing the system to be sanitized or sterilized with either 90°C hot water or steam.


The system is equipped with various temperature probes for temperature mapping as well as a steam trap valve at the lowest part of the mixer. The vessel is insulated to prevent a direct contact with the vessel wall and keeping heat loss as low as possible. 


Sterile inline sampling can be performed by using the MPTS  Sampling device without sterility breach.

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New mixing technology without rotating or moving parts

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