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Intravenous administration

IV - Intravenous Administration

Aseptic liquids preparation


Intravenous liquids preparation and manufacturing processes or similarly plasma fractionation require GMP and aseptic conditions. 


Large amounts of powders such as salt, glucose and others must be charged in a controlled manner into large vessels.


Both vessel and powder charging systems require frequent sterilization to prevent bacterial proliferation.


Dec has developed innovative solutions to prevent manual charging and dispensing of powders from open manholes. By eliminating the manual handling of large amounts of bags, sampling and manpower requirements can be decreased.


Powder can be charged directly from big bags or any other container and accurately dosed into multiple vessels.


When using a GMP contained docking system, the big bag station can also stay outside the clean room. The complete charging system including the transfer lines is designed for CIP and SIP operations.

IV Liquids Handling
Powder Handling

Transferring - Sampling - Bulk Materials Handling - Containment Systems - Integrated Applications

Bulk Materials Handling

Big bag discharging and filling - Drum filling and discharging - Continuous Liner System


Dosing and dispensing - From mg to tons

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