Automotive Industry

Specific powder handling technologies


From spray coating to battery production or manufacturing car components, powder ingredients need to be handled under controlled conditions.

We have been involved in various areas of car manufacturing providing industry-specific technologies. One of these areas is the batteries manufacturing process where anode and cathode materials must be safely handled without exposure to the operator and the environment.

Another domain is the spray coating process, where Dec's unique PFL Powderflex technology enables to control powder spraying applications. This system allows to replace Venturi based technologies, which are not sufficiently reliable in terms of dosing accuracy and operation.

When manufacturing components by sintering process, powder must be handled in a closed way especially when handling metallic powders because of exposure risks. In this area as well we provide innovative solutions for contained transferring, milling and blending of powders.

Transferring - Sampling - Bulk Materials Handling - Containment Systems - Integrated Applications

Dense phase conveying

Higher safety & enhanced performance

Micronization - Milling - Sieving

R&D applications - Production scale - Sterile process

Continuous conveying and dosing of powders

Batteries Manufacturing
Nuclear Industry
Explosive Powders
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