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PFL Powderflex

Continuous conveying and dosing of small to medium amounts of powder

PFL Powderflex provides continuous and precise dosing of small to medium quantities of powder, whether the requirement is for controlled charging of powders into continuous production processes or for predetermined precision dosing.


The technology was initially developed for the plasma and spray coating industries but is now used for a multitude of applications.

PFL extracts powder from any container and conveys it over large distances. Its simple design ensures minimal maintenance thus facilitating rapid product changes. Powder characteristics are not modified during the transfer.  PFL is to powder what a peristaltic pump is to liquids.


The system comprises two small, calibrated chambers, each equipped with a flat filter in the upper part. A practically continuous powder flow or precise volumetric dosing is generated through a unique valve system . The combined effect of vacuum and pressure alternately fills and empties the chambers at a high frequency. The transfer rate is easily adjusted by adapting the volume of the chamber or by changing the frequency.


The typical transfer capacity will vary from a few hundred grams/h to 200 kg/h.

PFL Powderflex

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PFL Cyclone - PFL Diverter

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