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Process system development

Process System



Due to globalization, the evolution of customer needs and increasing competition, most industries face many challenges when designing new production units.


Production facilities must be designed to remain flexible in order to be able to quickly cope with market changes while conforming to very strict safety and quality control standards. Operation and maintenance costs must be kept to a minimum.


It has become obvious that powder handling is an unavoidable part of a production facility and that the choice of the appropriate technology highly contributes to the success of the new plant.

In order to answer to these challenges, over the years Dec has developed a global network of experts who can provide support and advice to develop their customers' process and select the best technical options and solutions.

Dec Group Expertise

Dec's expertise includes:

  • Consultancy for process/system development including R&D

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) activities to determine a project’s feasibility and develop cost estimates

  • Safety assessment against explosion risks

  • Risk management of containment and/or sterile strategy

  • Plant evaluation and recommendations

  • Process optimization

  • Automation and control strategy for higher data integrity

  • Ergonomic review through 3D modeling and mock-up

  • Prototype development and validation

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