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Continuous Processing System Reaction, Crystallization, Filter Drying

Continuous Process Excellence

Smart manufacturing with innovative flow chemistry

In an effort to move away from conventional batch production and modernizing the global chemical processing industry,
continuous manufacturing (CM) is the common vision and desire with the potential to increase efficiency, quality and
flexibility in manufacturing.


Dec is one the very few companies able to offer end-to-end CM process solutions. From the incoming raw material handling to the API synthesis and processing of the compounded drug into the final dosage form including injectables and from bench to production scale.

Reactors & Crystallizers

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Available in a range of sizes to suit your requirements from laboratory to production scale

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Ideal for cooling, evaporative and antisolvent crystallisations

Low shear mixing produces little particle attrition with good control over particle size distribution and morphology

Flexible modes of operation – batch, semi- or fully continuous



Fully automated from single vessel batch or continuous stirred tank reactors to multi-vessel continuous or semi-continuous chained stirred tank reactors. Liquid/Liquid, Solid/Liquid and Gas/Liquid capabilities at pressures up to 25 bar and temperatures up to 200 °C. Improved residence time distribution compared to traditional stirred tanks.

Key Features

  • Unique chemistry facilitators for gas to liquid hydrogenency

  • Liquid liquid, gas liquid and solid liquid reactions and crystallisations acting as a catalyst for crystallisation

  • Highly efficient  heat transfer and mixing capabilities

  • Excellent crystal size and morphology control

Equipment can be provided with temperature controlled transfer lines to avoid unwanted crystallisations or side reactions. Probe adapters available to suit most PAT

Continuous Filtration & Drying

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Modern flow chemistry technology for enhanced efficiency in Fine Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory processing

Filter dryer systems automatically filter, wash, dry and discharge solids in a continuous manner.

Continuous filtration is available in evaluation, pilot, production scale platforms

Lower footprint - One complete plant replaces a traditional 2 to 3 floor batch production facility.


  • No mechanical agitation damage or crystal shear

  • Reliable consistency in cake filtration

  • Accurate repeatability of washing parameters

  • Atomization nozzles dispense wash solvent preventing disturbance to the cake

  • Thinner cake height technology, typically 10 - 30 mm

  • Improved wash efficiency!

  • Local HMI or DCS control system allows for safe operation

  • Integrated alarm systems for automated continuous operation

Key Features

  • Very high repeatability and consistency in filtration

  • Reduced solvent usage, energy and waste

  • 0.1 mm heel! Significantly lower heel – Significantly reducing product loss!

  • Entry to exit cycle time in minutes… not hours!

  • Filtration, washing and drying in just a few short runs!

  • Drying to <1% moisture content achieved within minutes

  • Typical throughputs of 1 kg per hour to 24 kg per hour of dried product

Drying validated with drying kinetics models


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Scalable Continuous Processing Solutions




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Inclusive Solutions from the Raw Materials to the End Product

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