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PTS Powder Transfer System®


Hygienic Design

PTS Cleaning - CIP

With the PTS Cleaning Device cleaning in place (CIP/SIP) is easily achieved. The system is fitted with a liquid separator installed on the upper part of the PTS body.


This component sucks liquids into the system while a float in the cover prevents the liquid from entering into the vacuum line.


At the same time both the PTS body and the transfer hose are cleaned which is a considerable advantage over using a spray nozzle.


The system can be cleaned in line along with other process equipment and is dried automatically by using vacuum hence avoiding the need of hot air supply.

Additional spray nozzles are used in case of non soluble or very adhesive products.

PTS Aseptic Design - SIP

The PTS system can be used under sterile conditions. From charging powder into multiple vessels for intravenous solution preparation (IV) to handling powder under sterile conditions for injectables, the system guarantees powder integrity during the transfer as well as complete and validated cleaning and sterilization.


PTS is designed according to the latest cGMP requirements without internal parts or inaccessible areas. Due to its unique flat filtration concept, the system can be sanitized or sterilized with either 90 °C hot water or steam.


The stainless steel membrane can be cleaned and sterilized in situ preventing the opening of the system after sterilization. 

SafeDock Valve

Mobile version - Seeding - PTS dosing - Lump Breaker Suction Lance - SafeDock valve - Safety filter

PTS CIP/SIP Product Sheet

PTS Powder Transfer System®

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Sterile/Aseptic Process overview

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