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PTS Powder TransferSystem®


PTS accessories include

>       PTS Mobile

>       PTS Dosing

>       Lump Breaker Suction Lance

>       SCC - Single Charge Container

>     SafeDock Valve

>     Vent Filter

>     Controls/Instrumentation

>     PTS Filter Membrane Safe Change

PTS mobile


With all the features of the static system the mobile version can be easily dismantled, relocated and installed anywhere in the production unit.


Both control panel and vacuum pump remain permanently mounted on the trolley.


The mobile version features various designs depending on process requirements and available space.

Product Sheet

b3_1 size reduc.jpg

PTS Dosing


PTS Powder Transfer System® can be equipped with the dosing device DosiValve® allowing full integration into a packing or filling line to accurately dose powders into bags, drums, etc. 

Combined with a CLS Continuous Liner System, Dec offer an optimized cGMP compliant packing solution mastering high containment levels (< 1μg/m3) .


The PTS/DosiValve combination allows for process equipment discharging and precise dosing into any container.

Product Sheet

Kyongbo CLS.JPG

Lump Breaker Suction Lance


In combination with PTS Powder Transfer System®, the patented Lump Breaker Suction Lance is the perfect solution for emptying drums containing lumpy or agglomerated powder eliminating the need of tipping the drum.

A rotary tool moves out of the lance, maximizing throughput and then, at the end of the process, withdraws to protect the liner. Using a pneumatic motor that can be installed anywhere, powder is sucked directly from the drum whilst smoothly crushing the lumps, leaving its characteristics unchanged. Combined with a lifting device the suction lance can be easily handled.

Product Sheet


SCC - Single Charge Container


In specific processes like seed charge in crystalizers, small quantities of powder need to be added in a contained and controlled way.


For instance, the system can beconnected to and filled from a dispensing isolator or, powder can be charged into a reactor or any other process equipment from a few grams to some kilos.


SCC is available in various sizes including CIP version.

Product Sheet

SCC on PTS.jpg

SafeDock Valve


When handling potent materials, many processes like charging and discharging a rotating blender or a dryer, connecting a small receiver to an isolator or a reactor to connect a flexible hose etc., require a safe connection. 


The SafeDock valve is a compact and cost effective solution perfectly responding to these requirements. 

The valve is available in various sizes, materials and connection types.

SafeDock Valve parts

Vent Filter

In order to prevent a pressure increase in the system when powder is charged into a closed process or packaging, like a reactor, a flexible or rigid container (bag, big bag, IBCs etc.) the system must be able to breathe in order to evacuate the gas brought in.


When handling toxic, irritant or dust explosive powders, it is imperative to avoid dust propagation into the extraction lines which could lead to cleaning issues, exposure risks or even blockages due to powder accumulation in downstream equipment.

The highly efficient vent filter based on PTS filtration technology and installed directly on the charged container (reactor, IBC, FIBC or bag) or below the PTS itself overcomes these issues.  Various sizes and materials.

Vent Filter

Controls / Instrumentation


PTS is controlled in various ways and depending on the type of operation, the ATEX zone as well as the complexity of integration. 

Pneumatic panel:

  • Panel with 100% pneumatic logic

  • ATEX rated for zone 1/21

  • Suitable for mobile system

  • Possibility to interface with a remote control system by digital signal


PLC panel:

  • Panel including a PLC and solenoid

  • Local HMI for data access

  • ATEX rated for zone 2/22

  • Communication by Profibus/Profinet system

  • Scale integration possibility

  • Recipes management


PTS Filter Membrane Safe Change System

In most cases PTS can be cleaned (CIP) before opening the system for inspection or changing the membrane. This device comes in when the filter membrane needs to be changed during the process in a safe and contained way.


It consists of a flexible canopy with a zipper which can be fixed onto the lower flange of the PTS cover. After its connection, the PTS cover can be opened through the gloves and the cartridge filter can be safely changed.


Before removing the canopy, it is cleaned by an internal spray gun after closing the cover.  

PTS Filter Safe Change System

Safety Filter

Dec has developed its own range a safety filters to be installed in the vacuum or the extraction line in order to prevent any particle migration and contamination of the utility line and to avoid the requirement of additional filtration systems.


The safety filter can be provided in various designs in terms of construction materials, pressure design or nozzle type including different HEPA filtration classes.



Spray Nozzle / Retractable Spray Ball

The PTS system can be equipped with spray nozzles when handling insoluble, sticky and/or adhesive powder or when the suction of liquid by the PTS is not feasible. The spray nozzle is either removable and equipped with a plug to seal the nozzle or retractable when sterile or highly toxic powder is involved.


Dec's Retractable Spray Ball is one of the most advanced spray nozzle systems available on the market. Specially developed to overcome the significant challenges of fully sterile/toxic systems, where product flow or cleaning to very high standards (CIP/SIP) is critical.

Retractable Spray Ball.jpg

Vacuum Pump

PTS transfers powder in dense phase, i.e. high powder concentration in the transfer line and low transfer velocity.

In order to achieve such transfer conditions, the system requires very specific vacuum settings.  


After decades of experience, Dec have defined the most optimized vacuum conditions that guarantee reliable transfer results and can therefore provide the most appropriate vacuum pump for the PTS technology.

Vacuum pumps are available for various capacities typically from 20 Nm3 /h to 600 Nm3/h with different motors and ATEX ratings up to zone 1, internal. 


Flexible Hoses

Powder transfer in dense phase under vacuum is usually carried out with flexible hoses instead of rigid stainless steel pipes.


From experience we can say that conveying through rigid lines will promote the risk of powder congestion and  powder hold-ups.


The friction in rigid pipes is also much higher (up to factor six) as opposed to flexible hoses.


The flexible hose will help both the formation and the flow of the powder plugs.

Flexible hose
PTS Mobile
PTS Dosng
SafeDock Valve
Safe Change
Safety Filter
Flexible Hoses

When transferring sticky or static powders, a layer will be formed inside the stainless steel pipe which could grow significantly over time restricting the section of the transfer line. This effect is usually not occuring when using flexible hoses.
The use of a flexible hose offers following additional advantages

• The transfer line can be supplied in one single piece (hose) without any interruption preventing product hold up or 
   blockages (no intermediate flange with gasket, no welding rods in the line, etc.)
• Prevention of the presence of sharp elbows in the line (natural bend radius of the hose) which could lead to high
  pressure drop
• No change in the section of the complete transfer line (no adapter or reduction piece)
• Less hold-up in the line and better cleaning possibility
• Simple and easy installation
• Lower investment cost

In order to prevent any risk of static electricity, the hose should be made of antistatic or conductive materials.
Due to the low transfer speed of the powder (1-3 m/s) in the hose, no abrasion of the line nor any contamination of the product from the hose material can usually be observed.

Dec provide its own range of hoses which are suitable for the vacuum transfer of powders. Most of the hoses are made of conductive and FDA materials and are further resistant to cleaning with solvents.

Our team of experts will advise you on the most suitable hose for your specific requirements.

PTS Powder Transfer System®

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