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Dosing, Dispensing, Accesories

Dosing / Dispensing


Dosing accessories include:

> DosiValve®

> Vent Filter

> AidFlow


DosiValve® has been especially designed to avoid typical flow and accuracy problems when using standard rotating or vibration valves even when handling difficult products.


This dosing unit either works through gravity charging for conventional charging and discharging applications (drums, big bags, containers, silo, hoppers, etc.) or active powder charging, i.e. in combination with the PTS Powder Transfer System® over longer distances in a safe and contained manner. The pneumatically actuated piston opens and closes according to set parameters. By varying both the frequency of the piston's movement and stroke, speed, weight and precision are controlled.

Product Sheet

Bag Filling, DosiValve®, Dosing, Dispensing

DosiValve® - Gravity Charging


DosiValve® can be directly installed into the chute between the equipment to be discharged and the filling station.


The valve is sealed and guarantees full tightness to gas and liquid. In case of difficult products such as sticky or bridging powders, it can be combined with a fluidization cone or alternatively, when the product is slightly agglomerated and difficult to fluidize, DosiValve®can be combined  with an agitated hopper promoting the powder flow.

DosiValve®, Gravity Charging, Dosing, Dispensing

DosiValve® - Active Charging


DosiValve® combined with PTS Powder Transfer System® is the optimal solution for accurately transferring and dosing in a single operation. The system allows to transfer powder out of process equipment such as dryers etc. and directly doses it into the final packaging.


The absence of rotating parts allows for easy cleaning and sterilization (CIP/SIP).  DosiValve®  is a cost-effective, efficient and flexible dosing system which can be easily integrated into any process.

Product Sheet

DosiValve®, Active Charging, PTS Powder Transfer System, CLS Continuous Line System Filling

Fluidization Cone


In order to help with the discharge of fine-graned bulk materials that do not freely flow, Dec provides fluidization cones with either a synthetic or metallic membrane which are integrated in the discharge hopper.

In case of lumpy and bridging products, a combination of a fluidization cone and a lump breaker can be supplied.


With this combination nearly any product can be handled efficiently.

Product Sheet Hoppers

Fluidization Hopper, Discharge

Vent Filter

In order to prevent a pressure increase in the system when powder is charged into a closed process or packaging, like a reactor, a flexible or rigid container (bag, big bag, IBCs etc.) the system must be able to breathe in order to evacuate the gas brought in.


When handling toxic, irritant or dust explosive powders, it is imperative to avoid dust propagation into the extraction lines which could lead to cleaning issues, exposure risks or even blockages due to powder accumulation in downstream equipment.

The highly efficient vent filter based on PTS filtration technology and installed directly on the charged container (reactor, IBC, FIBC or bag) or below the PTS itself overcomes these issues.  Various sizes and materials.

Vent Filter

AidFlow Discharge Device

Reliable discharge is possible with this mechanical discharge device. Available for diverse types of bulk solids which can be filled from silos or any other process equipment allowing for a high throughput.

A specifically formed scraper tool rotates close to the inside wall preventing bridging and breaking up the materials to facilitate the flow.

This equipment is mainly used as a gravity system in combination with DosiValve® for accurate dosing.

AidFlow, Discharge Device
Fluidzation Cone

Dosing / Dispensing

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