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Filling Station

Safely packing powders into drums and bags

Dec provides comprehensive and custom-designed solutions to fill powder in a close and safe manner into bags and drums. Filling stations can feature various docking systems depending on the level of containment to be achieved.


Docking systems can be classified as follows:

​Dust-free operation: OEB 1 and 2

  • Simple clamp or inflatable seal to seal the bags

  • Sealing cover with extraction for drums without liner

GMP and or toxic powder: OEB 3-4

  • CLS liner

  • CLS with safety cabinet

  • DCS for filling standard bags

  • Glove box for filling drums without liner


High containment and/or without clean room: OEB 5

  • Highly contained pack-off with CLS


Various options

  • Mill or sieve integration

  • Metal detector or separator

  • Sampling

  • Weighing system

  • Dosing by gravity or by using the PTS with DosiValve®

  • Roller conveyor

  • Clip system or welding of the liner

  • Vent filter with inflate and deflate functions

  • CIP system

  • Various construction materials (SS, HC22, coated, etc.)

  • Installation suitable for ATEX zone 1/21

Bag Filling

Primary containment

OEB 3-4

CLS with welding machine

CIP Hood - Welding machine - Standard and SafeSeal clip system - Liners - Sampling - Safety Cabinet - Bellows


Primary & secondary high containment drum filling solution

OEB 4-5


Packing powder into drums under high containment


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