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Accesories, powder handling

Accessories at a Glance

Technologies and solutions for handling and transforming powders applied in many industries




Weight compensation to prevent scale influence

CLS Accessories

Cost-effective bag / drum filling


Accurate dosing for gravity and active charging




Safe and smooth deagglomeration of bulk materials

Drum Sealing Cover

Drum discharge under controlled atmosphere

Dec Drum Venting Cover



Drum discharge with local extraction up to OEB 3

Dec Glove Tester


Multi-port glove tester

IBC discharge station



Safe discharge of intermediate

bulk containers


Drum discharging suction lance for lumpy and agglomerated powder

Lifting column, Drum Tipper


Pneumatically or hydraulically driven drum tippers and lifting columns

From manual to fully automated loading and discharging systems

Powderflex, PFL Diverter

Charging multiple receivers with a single PFL




Additional shear forces

PTS CIP cover, powder transfer system




Clean-in-Place features

Re-closing device




Big bag reclosing device

Retractable Spray Ball




Advanced spray nozzle system

SafeDock Valve parts



Safe and cost-effective connecting solution