IBC Emptying Station

Automated emptying of intermediate bulk containers

Dec has developed economical solutions to discharge IBCs in a dust free and contained manner without the use of gravity. The IBC doesn’t need to be lifted above the equipment to be charged. It can be emptied by using the PTS Powder Transfer System® which is directly installed on top of the equipment to be filled such as a compactor, granulator or a tablet press thus removing the need of a second floor or IBC lifting column.

Due to the low speed transfer and dense phase operation, PTS guarantees no powder segregation or powder attrition during the transfer thus eliminating the risk of product separation typically occurring when charging chutes. 

By a single discharge station multiple equipment can be charged decreasing the overall plant footprint and investment.

Dec offers various designs depending on the level of containment. The IBC will be installed on a discharge frame equipped with a docking system starting from a simple gasket solution for low containment to a butterfly split valve system for full containment requirements.


The station can be installed on load cells and include an additional vibration frame to facilitate t...

Safe filling of intermediate bulk containers

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