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DCS Sampling

Traceability, quality control and product validation

In the absence of PAT technology, physical samples must be taken in order to be analyzed in laboratory. When sampling potent materials, this operation is usually a challenge both in terms of operator protection and cross-contamination. APIs are often stored in drums with double liners. During sampling, it is important that the drum and the outside of the liner are not contaminated. Dec provides compact and simple solutions to take contained samples from drums. 

DCS® Sampling

DCS® Sampling is an easy way to take representative samples out of drums with double liners. The system is based on the docking concept of the DCS® Drum Containment System for drum discharge and can achieve a high containment level of less than 1 µg/m3.  


The procedure provides contamination free handling of samples and guarantees no external contamination of the drum or outer liner. Samples can be taken under inert conditions.

Compact and mobile, the system can be moved to different places within the production area.


DCS® can also be built in Hastelloy or be coated when

DCS Sampling

handling corrosive materials and be cleaned in place with water or solvents.  DCS® Sampling features various options and can be used for combined operation of drum sampling and emptying. With safety always a priority, DCS® guarantees both primary and secondary containment, with a glove box enabling the operator to connect the liners within a sealed environment. DCS® system features a Push-Push HEPA filter which is connected to an extraction system.

Flexible DCS® Sampling

Dec has also developed a flexible solution to take samples from drums while decreasing cleaning requirements and operation costs.


As opposed to the standard DCS® Sampling, the flexible version consists of a rigid base to seal the drums, connect the drum liners as well as an upper flexible canopy to operate the system and take sample.


The system offers a good visibility and a large freedom of movement.

The advantages of combining a rigid base and a flexible system is to avoid the contamination of the drum during

DCS Sampling Flexible Canopy
flexible DCS Sampling

the sampling procedure and to prevent any residual liner around the drum after the undocking procedure.


Flexible DCS® Sampling includes a spraying system to decontaminate the system before disconnection.

DCS® other applications

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