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Drum Venting Cover

Economical drum discharge solution for OEB 3 products

DVC Drum Venting Cover allows to empty drums with or without liners without operator exposure. 


The system consists of a specially designed extraction hood with a glass top and  a frontal access door with gloves through which the the drum is placed and emptied by using a suction lance.

The lance is protected by bellows and connected to PTS Powder Transfer System®.

The local extraction from the DVC during the emptying procedure prevents any dust emission. Drum lid and liners are opened through the gloves thus preventing operator, workplace and product contamination.

Depending on product characteristics and packagings, the system is an economical solution to handle OEB 3 materials.


The drum is introduced from the front of the unit after opening the access flap door. The door comprises gloves allowing to safely open the drum cover and liner. The system is connected to an external ventilation system to remove any dust inside the enclosure.


Following options are available:


  • Adaptable to various drum types and sizes

  • Emptying of drums with or without liners

  • Mobile system

  • Weighing and dosing system

  • Rollers system

  • Drum tilting with vibration for automatic discharge

  • Filter and ventilation system

  • Various materials (SS. HC 22, Coating, etc.)

  • Suitable for ATEX zone 1/21

Drum Sealing Cover

Drum discharge under controlled atmosphere

DCS Emptying System

High containment solution for discharging drums


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