Drum Sealing Cover

Compactness and simplicity

Emptying a drum containing a product which needs to be protected from the outside atmosphere either due to cross contamination risks, safety or reaction to air humidity is not such a trivial operation.

In order to answer to this requirement, Dec has developed DSC Drum Sealing Cover which is a simple and compact system.


DSC technology consists of a special cover in stainless steel with a top glass cover.

A suction lance, integrated and sealed onto the system by bellows, allows the operator to draw the powder from the drum by using PTS Powder Transfer System®.


A filter installed on the system guarantees a controlled atmosphere inside the unit and prevents any...

Bag / Drum Handling

Drum discharge with local extraction up to OEB 3

High containment solution for discharging drums

Dec Isocharge - Dec Isotube - Hard and flexible wall isolators

Blending / Mixing
Dosing / Dispensing
Containment Systems
Integrated Applications
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