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Bag and Drum Emptying, Accessories

Bag/Drum Emptying


Bag/drum emptying accessories include:

> Isocharge - Drum Tipper

> Lump Breaker Suction Lance

Drum Tipper
Integrated Scale

Isocharge - Drum Tipper

Dec provides a range of cGPM design drum tippers either pneumatically or hydraulically driven depending on the drum weight.


The tipper can be adapted to multiple drum sizes and has its own local control panel interlocked with the Isocharge door and inflatable seal.

For operator safety while operating the tipper, a protection grid around the tipper as well as an alarm horn can be provided.


The system can be designed for use in  ATEX zone 1/21.

Drum tipper, Isocharge

Isocharge - Integrated Scale


Isocharge can be equipped with an integrated floor scale, which is installed in a sink in the chamber's floor. The scale can be accessed after removing of the scale cover. 


The system can be cleaned and the liquid is drained by a drain valve located at the bottom of the sink.

Isocharge, Integrated Scale

Isocharge - Pulley System With Clutch


To make work easier,  Isocharge can be equipped with an automated cGMP designed pulley to enter the bags inside the chamber.


The liners inside the drum are attached by a special single use rope, which is connected inside the Isocharge to the pulley hook.



The pulley can be provided with a clutch system to  quickly unroll the rope for a new bag withdrawal.

Isocharge, Pulley System With Clutch

Lump Breaker Suction Lance


In combination with PTS Powder Transfer System®, the patented Lump Breaker Suction Lance is the perfect solution for emptying drums containing lumpy or agglomerated powder eliminating the need of tipping the drum.

A rotary tool moves out of the lance, maximizing throughput and then, at the end of the process, withdraws to protect the liner. Using a pneumatic motor that can be installed anywhere, powder is sucked directly from the drum whilst smoothly crushing the lumps, leaving its characteristics unchanged. Combined with a lifting device the suction lance can be easily handled.

Product Sheet

Lump Breaker Suction Lance


The Crusher enables the safe and smooth deagglomeration of bulk materials that tend to compact and form lumps.

Its double bearing design allows gentle crushing of even hard products and works well with high product columns. This lump breaker is fed with agglomerated solids which, after crushing are transferred through the outlet to the next process step.

Product Sheet

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