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Products at a Glance

Technologies and solutions for handling and transforming powders applied in many industries

For over three decades, Dec has revolutionized the way to handle powders. From the introduction of our first PTS Powder Transfer System® in the 80s to highly complex powder handling and containment system designs, Dec has continuously pursued innovation so you can easily achieve maximum safety and performance throughout your manufacturing processes.

Microdosing, Micronization, Particle Size Reduction

Microdosing powder from mg to grams



Aseptic filling of solids and liquids

Isolators, RABS, O-RABS, High Containment Solutions

Process isolators for sterile and toxic applications

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Continuous Reaction, Crystallization, Filtration and Drying

Cell Therapy Isolator, High Containment

Ergonomic and practical

alternative to traditional clean rooms

Isocharge bag version, Isocharge, High Containment

High containment solution for safely discharging powder from bags and drums