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Integrated aseptic manufacturing solutions, isolator, powder handling

Integrated Applications

Case examples of integrated manufacturing solutions for various industries

Reactor Charging

Charging powders into reactors is a standard operation in many industries. For chemical synthesis, the reactor may contain flammable solvents, it is therefore important, for safety reasons, to avoid oxygen introduction while charging powder or to release flammable vapors from the reactor to the environment.


According to latest ATEX safety regulations, it is not allowed to charge vessels through an open manhole because of the risks of creating an explosive atmosphere.


Dec has developed a large range of products to guarantee full safety through high containment and oxygen elimination during the powder charging process.

Powder can be charged and dispensed directly out of various packagings such as bags, drums or big bags into the reactor, whereby the transfer rate can be controlled in case of exothermic reactions.

Realized projects

Reactor charging, powder transfer

Dec Philosophy

Active vs passive charging


PTS Powder Transfer System, Powder transfer

Dense phase conveying

Higher safety & enhanced efficiency

DCS® Drum Containment System, High Containment Solution

High containment solution for drum discharging

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