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Positive weighing, Drum and big bag filling systems

Positive Weighing

Drum and big bag filling systems


Dec provides a large range of solutions for filling packagings such as bags, drums with liners or big bags always best adapted to the powder characteristics, the containment level, the layout and the required accuracy. 

Filling  can be done either by using gravity when sufficient height is available or in a remote place when the head room below the equipment is limited or when several process equipment are to be emptied through one single filling station. In this case the powder will be transferred and accurately dosed by using the PTS Powder Transfer System®  combined with the dosing unit DosiValve® .

Gravity Charging

Dec has developed various contained dispensing solutions for either filling a single package or a combi-station handling drums and big bags which are fully integrated with a scale breathing filter (see vent filter) and an inerting system.


The weighing system can be connected to the customer's control system with connection possibilities to an MES system.


The selection of the dosing organ will depend on the flowability of the powder and on the accuracy to be achieved. From a simple rotary valve, a double flap valve, a feeding screw to the highly accurate DosiValve® , Dec will select the best solution according to powder properties, available height and footprint, cleaning requirements as well as the level of containment to be achieved.

Active Charging

When head room is insufficient or a single filling station needs to be shared between multiple sources, Dec proposes the unique solution of combining conveying and dosing in a single equipment.


This concept furthermore isolates the filling station from the process equipment thus preventing any influences on the weighing system from any pressure present in the equipment being discharged. 


Depending on the dosing accuracy to be achieved, different configurations can be proposed: For medium accuracy, PTS Powder Transfer System® is directly integrated on the frame of the weighing system with dosing accomplished by controlling the quantity in the PTS using responsive valves installed in the powder line.

This efficient and simple concept prevents the use of an additional dosing organ and a separate holding frame.


For greater precision, PTS can be combined with DosiValve® to accurately control the quantity discharged in the packaging to be filled. This transfer/dosing combination will be installed on a separate frame and connected to the filling station by flexible bellows.

Dosing / Dispensing, other products

IBC Filling

Big Bag Filling

Drum Filling

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