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Aseptic pharmaceutical filling lines

Innovation Excellence

Aseptic and highly contained environments

Dec offers filling lines for both liquids and solids for the aseptic fill-finish process that require high containment equipment.

From standard to custom-made cGMP solutions for ISO 5 aseptic environments,  we help you to meet your specific packaging needs whilst complying to current regulations.

Dec provides various process containment systems to accommodate its filling equipment, both of which can be seamlessly integrated into your production line.


Our custom-designed solutions handle various containers including RTU / RTF (ready to use or fill) devices  like bottles, vials, cartridges, syringes, Dual Chamber Systems (DCS)  and pre-sterile nested trays.

Aseptic filling lines for powders and liquid
Dual chamber syringe filling

Including stopper, capper and sealing equipment for filling and packaging processes in the Life Science industries,  our solutions are applicable for sterile primary packaging containing powder and liquid products.

Dec also proposes to modify existing in-line equipment to accommodate any type of stopper, capper or seal used in pharmaceutical production lines. We can upgrade equipment with regard to speed, type, size, shape and changeover time to optimize production efficiency.

Product Sheet DecFill® Aseptic Fill-Finish Solutions

Fully automated aseptic filling line
Semi, fully automated filling lines

From lab to full production scale

Modular concepts for various packaging

Pharmaceutical lyophilization loading

Pharmaceutical lyophilization loading equipment solutions


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