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Dec Group celebrates a
year of achievements

Dec Group has defied challenging market conditions to achieve continued strong growth and milestone achievements during 2022.

A video summary year-end review, Dec Group - Growth and Future Brand Vision, shows why we are optimistic about the prospects for 2023, with a further expanded range of offerings and capabilities, recognized in a new group structure.

The following video reports that our turnover has doubled in the last 3 years and the trend of achieving growth is continuing.


Growth across the board


Partly this was organic, with record sales achieved. Growth has also been structural, with several key acquisitions expanding the group’s portfolio of capabilities, particularly in the fields of high containment, aseptic and continuous processing.


The year 2022 was also remarkable for global infrastructure expansion, with the introduction of further revolutionary technologies and new manufacturing expansions in the UK, Poland, and the USA, raising the global workforce above 700.

This has cemented Dec’s status as an acknowledged leader in process containment offering a greater range of solutions than any other provider.

Landmark achievements  


Milestone achievements included the fitting out of a high prestige multi-level fully automated high containment micronizing, milling and pack off facility in Singapore, one of the biggest and most sophisticated single pharma projects in region.

The year also saw us expand our aseptic fill and finish offerings with the introduction of the highly modular DecFill® portfolio as well as the increase of our solutions applied to newer application areas, such as battery manufacturing and nuclear material handling, equipping projects in the USA and Europe.

Restructuring for end-to-end solutions


Recognizing the increasing diversity and sophistication of Dec’s product portfolio, the business has now been structured into five divisions, each focusing on a different application area of their comprehensive technology solutions:


Powder Handling, Particle Sizing, Filling, Containment, and Continuous Processing.

This is in line with our enduring Dec Group vision of providing true end-to-end solutions covering the entire pharma manufacturing value chain from molecule to final dosage forms and other related industries. 

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