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Big Bag Filling


for multiple packagings

If you handle multiple packagings, Dec can help in providing one single multi-packaging filling station handling FIBCs, drums, cardboard boxes etc.).


This system can be equipped with various docking systems depending on the level of containment to be achieved.  It can also be provided with both an interchangeable platform and support frame adapted to the packaging type as well as a multi-scale system adjusted to the weight to be filled.



  • Various types of docking system
    (CLS, SafeDock, DCS, etc.)

  • Interchangeable platform

  • Dosing by gravity or by using
    the PTS with DosiValve®

  • Frame in painted steel or stainless steel

  • Installation Suitable for zone 1/21



Combi-System BB
DCS high containment drum and big bag fi

Various connecting systems from dust-free to high containment requirements

Vent Filter

Dedusting and ventilation - Dosing - Weighing

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