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Powder handling

輸送 - サンプリング - 原材料のハンドリング - 秤量/秤量充填 -  封じ込め装置 - エンジニアリング

MC DecJet 100, particle size reduction

マイクロナイズ - 三リング - 分級

Sterile Pack off isolator, high containment

アイソレータ技術 -封じ込め技術

Aseptic pharmaceutical filling lines

Microdosing devices - Filling Lines - Ready-to-use - Secondary Packaging - Serialization

PTS Batchmixer, automatic powder mixing

R&D applications - Production scale - Sterile process

Aseptic Manufacturing

Aseptic manufacturing and handling solutions


Dec group engineering, Support

Engineered Solutions - Process System Development - Qualification/Validation - Automation - TPS Technology & Process Support

Dec group services

Maintenance & After-Sales Services - Technical Support - Training and Education

SMEPAC Test Cabin, Dec group testing facilities

Continuous process improvement and validation

SMEPAC - Locations

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