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Big Bag Filling

Docking Systems

Dec has developed a range of connecting systems meeting the different containment and GMP requirements. The choice for the right system strongly depends on the level of containment to be achieved.


For instance, the manually handled and simple inflatable seal system allows for a fast, economical and dust free connection whereas the DCS® Docking system provides high containment as it offers primary and secondary containment in addition to guaranteeing ISO 7 thus eliminating the need to install the emptying station in a clean room.


The selection of the appropriate docking system can be made as follows:

Dust free operation

Inflatable Seal System

Manually handled simple connecting system for fast, economical and dust free connection of FIBCs including a hinged holding ring.


Inflatable Seal Connection BB Filling
Inflatabl seal

Primary Containment



The patented SafeDock® connection system is revolutionary and allows for a very simplified and fast docking operation while guaranteeing very high containment levels. SafeDock® consists of a docking tube with a CLS Continuous Liner side port for the removal of the liners and an automated cover on piston to fully seal the system. The big bag spout is sealed to the station by using a single-use ring which is removed with the remaining liner in a contained manner,



  • High containment (< 1 µg/m3)

  • Side port for liner and ring removal

  • BB outlet size 350 to 450

  • Typical outlet flange DN 300

  • Various materials available ( SS, HC22, coated)




  • Vibrator

  • CIP Cover with spray nozzle

Product Sheet / SafeSeal closing tool for flexible bags

SafeDock Filling

Primary and Secondary Containment

DCS® Docking


DCS® Docking system is especially designed to connect and discharge big bags with  single or double liner under full containment (< 1 µg/m3).

For higher containment requirements (0.1µg/m3), big bags can be fitted with a Rapid Transfer Port (RTP).

DCS® guarantees both primary and secondary containment with a glove box enabling the operator to connect the drum liners within a sealed environment.


  • Inlet and outlet push-push filter H12 or H14

  • BB outlet size of 350 to 450

  • Typical outlet flange DN 300

  • Various materials available ( SS, HC22, coated)



  • ISO 6 Class internal

  • CIP Cover with spray nozzle

  • RTP port for OEB 5 product (0.1 µg/m3)

  • 4 gloves access

Big Bag Filling DCS
DCS Docking
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