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Big Bag Filling


Vent filter

Vent Filter / Inflate and Deflate Function


In order to prevent a pressure increase in the system when powder is charged into an FIBC, the system must be able to breathe in order to evacuate the gas brought in.

When handling toxic, irritant or dust explosive powders, it is also imperative to avoid dust propagation into extraction lines which could lead to cleaning issues, operator exposure risks or even possible blockages due to powder accumulation in downstream equipment.


Dec's highly efficient, automated Vent Filter based on PTS filtration technology can be connected to the filling line and includes an automatic back-flushing system by compressed gas (air or nitrogen) and a connection to an extraction system. The system is 100% cleanable by back-flushing the membrane with a cleaning solution and through an integrated spray nozzle. 

The inflate and deflate function inerts the bag and controls the pressure inside the system. A pressure sensor can be added in line for automated pressure control during the filling process.  

The vent filter can be supplied in various sizes and materials to suit specific process requirements.


Vent Filter_modifié.jpg

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Big Bag Discharge


It is often mandatory to take samples during the filling procedure at different intervals.


When considering a contained and GMP compliant filling system, it is not possible to reopen the packaging to take the samples manually afterwards.

Dec provide fully contained solutions to take samples either directly out of the filling system with MPTS or with a mechanical sampling device installed in the charging tube.


The sampling system is fully automated and synchronized with the filling operation able to draw samples at given intervals.  


The bottle is placed in a safety cabinet or a glove box for safe removal.

MPTS Sampling

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Big Bag Discharge

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